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Ellie from 'Body, Mind & Soul Staycation' offers local holiday lets a pampering experience in one of our venues. 

Treatments can be booked prior to your stay with us & will be done inside & in summer can be perfomed outside with the beautiful sounds & woodland surroundings.


What treatments do we offer?

* Extended Full Body Massage (2hr)

* Ultimate Full Body Massage (1.5hr)

*Full Body Massage (1hr)

*Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45min)

*Indian Head Massage (45min)


*Ultimate Deluxe Mixture (1hr15)

*Gold Prosecco & Truffle Facial (1hr10)

*Anti Ageing Facial (1hr)

*Deep Cleansing Facial (1hr)

*Mens Tailored Facial (1hr)


*Detox Package (1hr45)

*Bacial (55min)

* The Works (2hr)

* Luxury Body Scrub (45min)

* Mud Experience & Pamper (1hr10)


Please contact through the website:

Massage & Facial Treatments

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